News: Latest version: 1.1.3
New desktop editor DB-Editor available!
JPilot-DB support resumed!

Pilot-DB is a freeware (OpenSource) database program for the Palm OS (any version and any hardware) and compares with the best commercial programs available.

It supports the field types string, boolean, integer, float, calculated, date, time, note, list and link.

Plug-Ins are available for Mobile-DB and JFile databases, for access to the built-in DateBook, for external memory card access and for customizable colours.

Overlays are available for various occidental and oriental languages

Download the latest versions of Pilot-DB here.
All versions that have been available can be be found here.

There are various third-party tools to create, edit, and export PilotDB-files or to import various formats such as CSV, Excel, ASCII files and Staroffice files on the desktop:
DOS: palm-db-tools project
Windows: DB-Editor (based on palm-db-tools)
Java: JPilot-DB

Further, and more detailed links can be found on the link page.

Use the mailing list for support for this program.