Pilot-DB Users Manual

Pilot-DB Installation and Users Manual

April 10, 2002

Revision History
Revision 1.0April 10, 2002Albert De Koninck
First revision

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Installation
The Application
Choice of an Interface Language
Online Help
Other Files
Installation Procedure
Under Windows
Under Linux
Under MacOS
3. Initial Start
4. Creating a Database
Accessing the Database Editor
Creating a field
Field Types
Text Fields
Memo Fields
Integer Fields
Real Number Fields
Calculated Fields
Date Fields
Time Fields
Drop-Down List Fields
Link Fields (to Another Database)
Linked Fields
5. Working with a Database
Opening a Database
Viewing a Record
Exiting Pilot-DB
Creating a Record
Creating a Blank Record
Duplicating a Record
Editing a Record
Searching for One or More Records
Record Look-up
Incremental Search
Filtered Searching
Deleting One or More Records
Only One Record
A Group of Records
Sorting Records
6. Utilizing Views
The Default View
Accessing the View Manager
Creating a View
Modifying a View
Changing Views
7. Modifying a Database
Accessing the Database Editor
Modifying a Field
Modifying Field Proprieties
Inserting a Field
Deleting a Field
8. Selecting Preferences
Global Preferences
Database Preferences
9. Scripts
Basic Script Construction
Inter-Records scripts
10. Using a Plugin
The Different Types of Plugin
Manual Actions
Automatic Actions
Running a Plugin
Further Information About Plugins
Deleting a Plugin
11. Contributing to the Development of Pilot-DB
Translating the Application
Rebuilding Pilot-DB
Building a Plugin
Adding Functionality
Distributing Your Creations
Source Code
12. Palm DB Tools
command-Line Applications
Model Documents
A. FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
B. The Pilot-DB Team