We would like to show our appreciation to those who have helped develop
Pilot-DB - THE Open Source database program for the Palm OS by thanking:

Subject Name E-Mail

Maintainer: Marc Chalain marc-chalain@voila.fr
Developers: Marc Chalain marc-chalain@voila.fr
Scott Wallace swallace@mynah.eecs.umich.edu
Original Developer: Tom Dyas tdyas@users.sourcforge.net
Documentation: Mike Ressler
Translater (German): Thorsten Tietz
Translater (Portugese): Pedro Pessoa
Translater (Slovak): Miroslav Vasko Miroslav Vasko
Translater (Japanese): Tanoshima Hidetoshi Tanoshima Hidetoshi
Translater (Swedish): Thomas Beutler
Web Site: Hans Ajiet Holtkamp holtkamp@y2ag.de
Beta Tester: Peter Kane
Carson Wilcox
Larry W. Virden lvirden@cas.org

GNU HomePage and everyone else who have in any way contributed to it, be it by constructive criticism.

Licence: GPL GNU General Public Licence